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V.SUN combines reliable sun protection with perfectly coordinated skin care, a light summery fragrance and responsible ingredients. Our coral-friendly premium sun cream protects your skin from sunburn and UV-A, UV-B and infrared rays. Vitamin E and ectoine support the defense against free radicals and thus protect against premature skin aging. Precious shea butter and aloe vera (from controlled organic cultivation) pamper your sun-stressed skin with intensive moisture. The creams leave your skin feeling velvety smooth, are quickly and completely absorbed and are waterproof.


All V.SUN products are reef-friendly to protect coral reefs and oceans. From the very beginning, we have avoided UV filters such as oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene as well as nanoparticles and microplastics. With the sale of our products, we also contribute to the reconstruction of coral reefs. A project close to our hearts is our collaboration with Coralive, which is dedicated to the protection and restoration of coastal ecosystems in numerous projects around the world, and to date we have been able to support Coralive's projects with more than €50,000 through sales and the support of the #vsuncommunity!


V.SUN is manufactured 100% in Germany (including our product packaging). We pay attention to the shortest possible transportation routes so as not to burden our environment unnecessarily.


We are not only aware of our responsibility towards our skin and the environment, but also want you to enjoy our products. So we have designed V.SUN with great attention to detail and in keeping with our feminine aesthetic.

We look forward to accompanying you through the summer.

V.SUN with Love.