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Coral & Ocean

Sun protection with heart

At V.SUN, we combine sun protection for the skin with coral-friendly ingredients that protect the environment and the oceans. Our products therefore deliberately do not contain any substances that have been criticized, such as oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene. Because no matter where we use questionable UV filters - whether at home, in the pool, in the lake or in the sea - ultimately all substances used in everyday life end up in the water cycle of our planet.

The protection of corals and the oceans is a matter close to our hearts. We are therefore committed to coral protection, in addition to avoiding ecologically questionable active ingredients. Since the brand was founded in 2020, we have supported the non-profit organization with over €72,000. This organization is involved in numerous projects around the world for the restoration of coastal ecosystems and is dedicated to various coral reforestation projects, for example in the Maldives and Madagascar.

Responsibility for the oceans

Vacations on the beach, swimming in the sea - what sounds relaxing and makes us happy can sometimes mean one thing above all else for the oceans and their inhabitants: pure stress. Because while we protect our skin from harmful UV rays with sun cream, some cosmetic ingredients in sun creams are suspected of causing lasting damage to the sensitive ecosystem of the oceans and coral reefs.

These substances, including oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene, are said to be a cause of coral bleaching and damage to corals in addition to global warming.

Reefs have important functions in our marine ecosystems: They are essential for marine life in the tropics and are home to a variety of underwater species such as starfish, fish and algae. They also act as a natural barrier to protect the coastal landscape by softening storms, preventing erosion and breaking waves that would otherwise hit the mainland unhindered.

Choosing the right sunscreen is therefore not just a question of personal preference, but also of ecological responsibility.


To protect the skin and the environment, V.SUN is also free from silicones, nanoparticles, mineral oils, microplastics and parabens as well as synthetic polymers and alcohol. This means that all products can be used without hesitation - even for sensitive children's skin from the age of 3.

Responsible UV protection

Our premium sun protection range contains state-of-the-art light protection filters based on low-penetration triazine UV filters. These filters have a unique, light application feel and low allergenic potential. The unique formula of our V.SUN Premium sun care is formulated to be environmentally friendly thanks to its minimal UV filter dosage and has been tested, verified and certified as such by an independent institute in Marseille.